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About Microblading

Cosmetic tattooing to the eye brows, otherwise known as microblading or feather touch brows, is a popular semi-permanent makeup technique used to give patients the opportunity of having fuller, natural looking eyebrows as well as being semi-permanent!

Microblading is the technique of drawing fine hairstroke lines with a disposable sterile blade into the skin. Following each patients natural eyebrow pattern and blending the hairstrokes with the surrounding hair, no one would ever know you have had microblading! 

Who Can/Can't Have Microblading

Microblading / feather touch brows can be performed on almost any patient including:

  • Patients with Alopecia
  • Patients with fine hairs
  • Patients who have gaps or area of their brows that are not full
  • Patients who have no previously had cosmetic tattooing on the brows
  • Patients who want to achieve a fuller appearance to the eyebrows
  • Patients who like to wake up in the morning and not have to draw on their eyebrows!

Microblading / feather touch brows are no recommended for:

  • Very oily skin types
  • Patients with thin skin
  • Patients who are prone to Keloid scaring
  • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Patients with previous cosmetic tattoos on the eyebrows

What To Expect During The Treatment & Recovery

During Procedure:

During the procedure patients are numb and the treatment can be fairly comfortable. Some mild discomfort/scratching on the skins surface can be felt. 

Post Procedure:

24-48 hours post procedure the skin can feel warm and tender. The Tattoo will look darker and slightly larger then the final result. 

Day 3-7 post procedure the tattoo will begin to dry and flake. The tattoo will then fade and can appear slightly uneven. This is due to the body attacking the pigment in the skin and "hiding the colour of the pigment".

Day 8-week 6 post procedure the skin has healed and the colour/pigment from the tattoo has come back and will settle to the final colour and size. 

Week 6 post procedure a review/top up appointment is needed to review the shape and colour and if any alterations are needed can be done at this appointment. 

1-3 Years post 1st treatment touch up may be required.

How To Decide The Shape & Colour

During the consultation is it best to attend the clinic with your brows drawn on to the shape you prefer and photographs can be taken and kept for the day of the procedure . After cleansing the skin and analysing the area to be treated without eyebrow makeup on, we can then compare your desired shape to your natural eyebrow shape to form a treatment plan. On the day of the procedure, it is best at attend with no eyebrow makeup on and the clinician will measure your natural eyebrow shape with your facial features and take into account the consultation photos. 

Brow Mapping: At Natasha Mirra Dermal Therapy we use the "Queen Brows" technique when mapping out the appropriate thickness, length and arch for each clients brows! This is a safe way to be sure the brows correctly suit the patients face shape and features. 

Colour Matching: Your clinician will match the colour of the microblading pigment/ink to your natural hair colour in the area or to something that suits your natural features. 

We take into account your skin tone, eye colour and natural hair colour. 

Half way through the microblading appointment the patient has the opportunity to assess the colour and choose to go a shade lighter or darker if needed. 

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