IPL Permanent Hair Reduction


Why Choose IPL For Your Method Of Permanent Hair Removal

  • Over having to go through the pain of waxing and plucking hairs every few weeks? 
  • Can't stand the pain of lasers?
  • Tired of ingrown hairs and shaving rashes?
  • Sick of feeling regrowth a few days after having treatment?
  • Want to be silky smooth all year round?

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction is for you!

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction will provide you with smooth skin all year round. No need to continuously spend money on waxing appointments for the rest of your life. Be ready to wear any outfit at any time of the year! 

About IPL Permanent Hair Reducation

The Avalde Star IPL System is a powerful IPL device that provides pain free and permanent hair reduction results. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) used light energy which is attracted to pigment (melanin, which gives our hair that dark colour). When the light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, the hair is damaged and this inhibits its ability to grow. 

Hair grows in cycles and not all hair is in the same cycle at the same time therefore, numerous treatments are required for a silky smooth and long term result.

This treatment can be performed on all areas on the face and body for men and women with Fitzpatrick's 1-5. This treatment is not recommended for dark skin types. 

Other Methods Of Hair Removal

Dermaplaning can be performed prior to IPL Hair Reduction or alone for a smooth hair free finish to the skin. Dermaplaning is great to treat light, fluffy hair this IPL/Lasers cannot pick up. For more information on Dermaplaning please view the Dermaplaning page.

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Please refer to the Dermaplaning treatment page to view more on this service.

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