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What Is Pigmentation

Pigmentation is a result of melanocytes deep within the skin, depositing high/large quantities of melanin into melanosomes that then make their way up the layers of the skin leaving behind pigmentation deposits, which are then visible to the naked eye. 

This process of pigmentation forming in the skin is possible with the help of its major influences: UV radiation (the sun) and hormones (pregnancy and some contraceptive pills). Some secondary influences that cause pigmentation can be using/ingesting enzymes that stimulate tyrosinase in the body or trauma to the area (burning the skin, rash, inflammation, acne). 

Pigmentation can be treated with the use of IPL very successfully, pain free, with no/minimal downtime or side effects. 

Types Of Pigmentation We Can Treat

Freckles - Genetically predisposition and seen commonly on lighter skin types. This type of pigmentation can be seen as even sized brown/orange spots in the skin, typically central to the face. They are usually harder to cover with makeup due to their quantity. This type of pigmentation will darken in summer and lighten in winter. 

Age Spots/Sun Spots - Are a result from years of excessive UV exposure, they can appear patchy and uneven, however have a distinctive border with different tones of brown within. Usually appearing on areas of the face and body where the sun directly hits (nose, cheekbones, forehead, chest, shoulders and the back of hands). This type of pigmentation will darken with age. Spots can vary in size and there is a possibility this type of pigmentation can turn cancerous. It is important to have these spots checked once year. 

Melasma - Hormonally induced and deeper in the skin, therefore more difficult to treat. This type of pigmentation has no distinctive border and appears in large patches on the skin. Commonly appears on the top lip and in the shape of butterfly wings around the eyes (outer forehead, and around cheekbones). Melasma mostly appears post pregnancy hence the nickname "butterfly mask of pregnancy" or "pregnancy mask". This type of pigmentation will darken with UV exposure and the use of some oral contraceptive pills. 

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) - This type of pigmentation is usually a red/purple appearance and is most commonly seen post acne. This type of pigmentation is a result of inflammation in the skin, stretching the follicle past its natural point where it then leaves behind this "flat acne/scaring mark". This type of pigmentation can sometimes fade with time, this may take months/years to fade and may not ever completely disappear on its own. Treatment for this is best suited with Skin Needling, which provides fast acting results and a clear, even complexion. Click the link below to find out more information about Skin Needling for Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

How IPL Treats Pigmentation

IPL Pigmentation Removal treats various types of pigmentation by emitting light energy into the skin via specific nanometres customised by the type of pigmentation each patient presents with. This specific light energy is attracted to pigment "melanin" in the skin and works by breaking it up and leaving the surrounding tissue intact and not effected. The body then digests the pigmentation leaving the skin clearer and even. 

The best skin types for IPL Pigmentation Removal is lighter skin types with dark pigmentation.

This treatment may not be suitable for darker skin types as they naturally have high amounts of pigment in their skin. A skin consultation will be needed to determine the most appropriate treatment. Darker skin types can find the treatment of pigmentation successful with our medical grade Chemical Peels in clinic. Click the link below to find out more about Chemical Peels for darker skin types.

What To Expect During/Post Procedure

Prior To Treatment: Prior to IPL Pigmentation Removal patients should be using tyrosinase inhibiting skincare to prevent the enzyme tyrosinase from continuing to produce pigmentation. These ingredients can also be using during treatment to assist with brightening the pigmentation and after procedures to prevent the pigmentation from reforming. Also 30-50+ SPF is recommended to be using daily to prevent darkening out pigmentation. Skin types 3 and high (Asian, European and Middle-eastern patients) Must be prepped on tyrosinase inhibiting skincare before any light based treatments as they have a high chance of producing more pigmentation as a side effect from light/heat based procedures.

During Treatment: During the treatment ultrasound gel is applied on the cleansed area to be treated, this will assist with keeping the skin cool while conducting the light energy into the skin. The Avalde Star IPL system has an inbuilt cooling system to ensure patients can experience comfort. This cooling system prevents the skin from heating up and minimising any chance of burning the skin.

Post Treatment: Post treatment patients can experience a glow to their skin and immediate plumping! There is no true downtime to IPL Photo Rejuvenation and patients can leave the clinic happy knowing their skin will be looking tight and fresh.

Some skin tightening can be experienced 1-7 days post treatment. It is important that patients wear sunscreen post treatment, daily for 1-2 weeks and keep out of direct sun exposure during this period of time. 

How Many Teatments Are Recommended

Typically 4-8 treatments are recommended with IPL Pigmentation Removal. Treatments can be performed once a month for 4-8 months to target a specific concern. IPL Pigmentation Removal can also be performed as a once off or before a special event to provide the skin with a brighter, plumping, tightening effect!

*Some patients can receive their desired results in less or more then the recommended treatments, depending on the individuals skin type, the depth of the pigmentation and UV exposure.

Price List

Note: Prices may vary depending on size of area treating

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