LED Light Therapy


What Is LED Light Therapy

LED LIGHT Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive and pain free technique used to treat various skin types and conditions. As each LED colour emits different wavelengths, we can specifically target various skin functions by enzymatic reactions and increasing the cells ATP to promote healthy cell function and metabolism. 

LED light therapy come in four main colours including Red, Blue, Green and Yellow which penetrate into the skin at different levels, providing various functions in the skins layers.

Red LED Light

640nm - Penetration level of 1-6mm 

Benefits: Skin cell regeneration, stimulating blood circulation, improving acne would healing, stimulating collagen production, barrier repairing and assisting with calming inflammation in the skin.

Add on: Red LED Light Therapy can also be used with a hydrating Hyaluronic acid mask to infuse hydration, calm redness and inflammatory conditions in the skin. 

Blue LED Light

423nm - Penetration level of 1mm 

Benefits: Kills P.Acne Bacteria (Acne causing bacteria). Inhibiting sebaceous glands and preventing wound infection.

A great alternative for patients to use during the treatment of acne, instead of prescription antibiotics. 

Green LED light

532nm - Penetration level of 0.5-2mm 

Benefits: Aids in the digestion, elimination and prevention of the formation of melanin, which is responsible for the production of pigmentation in the skin. 

Yellow LED light

583nm - Penetration level of 1-2mm 

Benefits: Anti-redness, anti-inflammatory effects.

Can be used post treatment to assist with calming the skin. Can also be used for the early treatment of heapes zoster advantage. 

LED Light Therapy can be used alone or paired with other modalities such as Chemical Peels for the treatment of acne or post treatment to calm the skin. 

LED Light Therapy is has no downtime or side effects and is safe for all ages. LED Light Therapy is pregnancy safe and can be used to treat and control cases of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. 

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