Rosacea Treatment / IPL Redness Therapy


What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition where the skin is seen to be red constantly. 

This condition usually effects the cheeks, however, can also effect the entire face and chest. 

In severe cases can lead to an inflamed nose called Rhinophyma. 

This condition, in its mild or severe case, can also be associated with broken capillaries (red blood vessels), pustules (small pimples), facial flushing, thickened and dry skin. 

Rosacea can gradually get worse if not treated and would rarely resolve alone. 

Factors such as UV exposure, stress, hormone imbalances, heat, alcohol, extreme cold climates, and consumption of high dairy and spicy foods are all common triggers of Rosacea.

Rosacea/Redness and IPL

Rosacea is treatable and can be improved significantly but there is no true cure for this condition. 

Avalde STAR IPL can:

  • Reduce facial flushing
  • Minimise constant redness in the skin
  • Zap away broken capillaries
  • Strengthen the skins barrier function
  • Strengthen the walls of the capillaries to reduce the severity or returning of the condition in the future.

Treatment is effective though patients may have to have a top up treatment once every 1-5 years. This depends on the skin integrity and how the patient looks after their skin post treatment to maintain results. Minimising triggers and especially UV exposure, will not only enhance the longevity of result but also reduce the chances of premature aging and skin cancers. 

How Does IPL Work With Rosacea And Redness?

The Avalde STAR IPL machine uses skin contact cooling for a pain free treatment with no to little downtime. The Avalde STAR IPL applies smart technology using set wavelengths that are attracted to haemoglobin (red blood cells/vessels) in the skin. 

Once the IPL light energy has entered the chromophore (blood vessel), it is then shut off and the body then destroys and digests the damaged cells. As not all blood vessels will be at the same breaking point, numerous treatments may be necessary. 1-3 treatments are recommended, however varying with each patient. 


An end result of an even complexion and smooth skin can be achieved with less facial flushing, redness and visible broken capillaries. 

Some slight redness may occur usually lasting for 5-20 minutes.

It is also very common for patient to experience some blanching, where an instant result of shut down vessels can be seen as "white patch" against a red complexion where the blood vessels have becomes less active. This usually evens out after 1-24 hours.

Price List

Prices may vary depending on size OF The treated area

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