Wrinkles/Fine Lines


Factors Contributing To Ageing

The skin begins aging from the moment of birth. We are only given one ‘skin’ which must last us a life time. Taking care of our skin must be a priority. It is the largest organ of the body and the one organ that is usually neglected the most. Wrinkles and fine lines are normal characteristics that develop as we age. There are internal and external factors that accelerate the ageing process in the skin. 

Some of the main internal contributing factors to premature aging in the skin are: Hormonal imbalances, malnutrition diet, smoking, stress, lack of sleep and pre-genetic predisposition. 

Some external factors that contribute to premature aging in the skin are: UV damage (most influential factor), pollution and injury.  

How Are Wrinkles And Fine Lines Formed

As we age, the fundamental factors that keep our skin looking young and fresh begin to deplete. Skin begins to feel dry, rough, and uneven and of course line begin to appear. Collagen production slows down, the skins ability to repair damaged cells have become decreased, the amount of days it takes for new cell renewal increases, our natural sebum and hydration depletes and our pigment cells begin depositing uneven amounts of pigmentation in our skin. These natural proteins that hold structure and stability in our skin lower in quantity and the surface of the skin begins to crease. With time, these creases become deeper in the skin to the point where even stretching the skin with your fingers will not diminish the wrinkle completely. 

Treatments To Address Wrinkles And Fine Lines

There are a many treatments to consider when addressing wrinkle and fine lines. In some cases more than one type to treatment is recommended for optimum results. 

For deep wrinkles, lines and skin sagging Plasma Skin Tightening may be the most effective procedure. This treatment works as ‘soft surgery’ to physically remove excess skin and stretch the deep wrinkle to be less obvious. These treatments are great for patients considering surgery (blepharoplasty, brow lift, neck lift etc.). 

For lines more superficial with the surrounding skin taught and healthy IPL Rejuvenation, Plasma Skin Tightening or Stem Cell Skin Needling may be recommended. These treatments work to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen to prevent the wrinkle or line from becoming worse. 

For patients who are proactive, have no obvious wrinkles or lines, but feel like their skin is felling with gravity and is not sitting where it used to, Medifacials, Chemical peels, IPL Rejuvenation and Stem Cell Skin Needling are great options. They work to stimulate collagen and give back to the skin to continue producing necessary factors for a pump, fresh and tight appearance. 


Booking in for a Skin Consultation is a great start to your skins health. We can assess your stage of aging and recommend you the most appropriate treatment that will provide you with the best results. 

Areas of Treatment

Treatments are not only limited to the face. Other areas we can target wrinkles include neck, chest, back of hands, belly (most common post pregnancy), above the knees and inner part of the top of the arms (most common post weight loss). 

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